What is print advertising and how can you benefit from it?

1 March 2023
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Have you noticed that over the years newsstands are becoming barer? This is because publications are increasingly taking their content to the Interweb. While online information is much more accessible, the argument remains that it is not quite as satisfying as absorbing the pages of a physical copy.

Another benefit to print editions is that your reading is not invaded by pop-up ads, which encourages a greater appreciation for the editor’s careful layout of print advertisements for your leisurely perusal.

So, if you’re in the market for some prime advertising property, we break down why print advertisements are still key to broadening your possibilities and growing your audience.

What is print advertising and is it still effective?

Considering the highly competitive market in which advertising spins, standing out can be tricky. As exciting and interactive as digital advertising may be, an old-school touch has longer lasting effects. It’s important to remember that a print advertisement is the hard copy of your business’ message, and as such, has the capacity to reach a wider audience through magazines, newspapers, or journals. Your ad does not depend on algorithms to find your next client, which is what keeps print advertising a reliable avenue.

Types of print advertising

The local paper isn’t the only place you can expect to find a print advertisement; print ads are everywhere. Alongside newspapers, you’ll find mailers, fliers and leaflets in your letterbox, as well as posters and billboards out on the street. However, advertising in magazines might be one of the more popular avenues, as the publication affords the ad a more direct approach to its target audience.

In this context, it’s worth considering where your ad will be found. For example, an ad on the first page of a magazine will receive immediate attention from readers, compared to advertisements on subsequent pages. Similarly, larger ads are likely to catch your eye quicker than smaller ones.

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Why is print advertising used?

There are a number of advantages to magazine advertising, but here we will hone in on the big three. Perhaps the most significant is that there are fewer distractions. We tend to read printed information more thoroughly than its often invasive, digital counterpart. Furthermore, print advertising is more likely to grab attention as the reader has made the conscious choice to purchase or subscribe to the magazine or newspaper.

Complementing this ability to reach a niche group of magazine readers, print also offers longevity, which can lead to a stronger brand reputation. Advertisers who use print media gain credibility because audiences build trust with the brand they recognize. This, in turn, generates the final advantage that magazine advertising has to offer: reader relationships.

Local publishers work hard to create relationships with the readership in their communities. This is mainly because cultivating a loyal customer base will lead to an increase in subscribers. Therefore, when you advertise with a credible local newspaper or other locally printed media source, your brand, by association, is more likely to benefit from the same sort of customer loyalty.

Is print advertising still effective?

You might ask how print advertising stacks up against its brutish big brother, broadcasting. While television and radio may be highly effective in terms of reaching a vastly greater audience, they are subject to their own limitations, and broadcast adverts incur considerable expense and time constraints. Considering the extortionate cost of maintaining exposure, broadcast adverts inevitably expire. This speaks to the longevity of print advertisements and reinforces the fact that magazine advertising allows your brand to stand the test of time.

How can your company benefit from print advertising?

Ultimately, print advertising is one of those classic practices that will continue to help your company put its best foot forward, and the advantages of magazine advertising, in particular, vastly outweigh advertising in other outlets.

So, if you are looking for magazines to advertise in, get in touch with us here and find out how print advertising might work for you.


Written by Danielle Rachel Champ.

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